Out & About

Out and about is a fun project in which a group of our young people help to organise and attend monthly outings. It is a great place for our young people to socialise, gain confidence and learning the sometimes-difficult skill of shrewdness when out in the community. We currently have 2 groups serving young people aged 15 – 25 and each group is run by a group leader, one of our brilliant STAAR volunteers. STAAR group leaders organise the details of the trips, and are on hand to facilitate the young people in the community. Past trips have included; theatre productions, cinemas, bowling, theme parks, restaurants and popular family attractions in the city.

Please note: young people in both the girls and boys groups, are required to be able to use a mobile phone independently.

Event Dates: Due to the Covid- 19 outbreak there are no planned events at this time.

Girls group:

Boys group: