Trips & Socials

We host a number of social activities throughout the year. Some of these are for carers only and usually involve meals out, and carers-only trips which are very popular. We also have family coach trips – a popular one is the visit to Adventure Island in Southend.  Every Christmas many of us go to the pantomime at Sir James Hawkey Hall (Oh yes we do!) This is a family event which is enjoyed by everyone. All activities are subsidised by STAAR so members just pay a contribution.

From time to time we hold parties, at Christmas or special occasions. We celebrated our 10th anniversary with a party which was a lot of fun!
We encourage our members to put forward ideas for future events.

If you would like to find out more or reserve a space at one of our events, please contact us through the general enquiries form on the contact page.


Parents and Carers socials:

Tuesday 11th December 7.30pm – Evening meal – Capricho, Barkingside.

STAAR will contribute £10 towards the cost of your food (sadly not drinks). To reserve your place at the meal you will need to pay a £10 deposit by the 4th December. If you are interested please get in touch via the general enquiries form.

Family events and trips:

9th January 7.30pm – Pantomime: Treasure Island – Sir Hawkey Hall Theatre Woodford Green, Broomhill Road, IG8 0BG

Always an extremely popular STAAR event, so get your seats early to avoid disappointment

STAAR members will pay £5 per ticket and STAAR will cover the rest. However, we do sometimes get ‘no shows’, so in order to reserve your spot you’ll need to pay full ticket price of £12.10 upfront and £7.10 of which will be refunded to you at the show. You will need to send two cheques one equaling the number of tickets x£5 and the other for number of tickets x£7.10.

For example if you would like 4 tickets please send two cheques for a total of £48.40, one for £20 and another for £28.40 and on the night you’ll get the £28.40 refunded.

Due to the heavily discounted ticket price this is limited to carers, young people and their siblings only – no wider family members or friends please.

How to pay:
We do expect to sell out as this year as we have limited availability. To guarantee your seat send us a cheques with your name, number and amount of seats you would like to: 49 St. Margarets Road, Wanstead, E12 5DR